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MM Launches Analytics2Insights

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new Analytics2Insights global cloud for cloud analytics platform!

The A2I service is a great example of what MM is capable off, featuring advanced analytics, AI and our unified cross cloud integration capabilities.

MM Launches InsightsBot

We are ecstatic to announce the launch of our InsightsBot Aime (Ai-me :)… get it?). We are able to integrate Aime to any Qlik Sense Platform.

MM Launches SmartAlerts Solution

It is essential that you know about good and adverse changes in your data that may effect your business positively or negatively. Our SmartAlerts solution ensures you are always on top of your data!

Analytics2Insights Launch Early Stage Investment Drive

We are in the process of engaging with venture capital companies to secure Series-A funding to scale our Analytics2Insights platform. Should you be a VC please contact us directly.

Modernising Management

We Are An Advanced Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Company

We are a specialist data engineering, business intelligence and advanced analytics company that have spent years building analytical solutions with our customers.

Our team are foremost advisors that consult our customers on the correct strategy and technology fit and ensures the successful implementation of the scoped solutions.

We have a strong financial services background with years of banking, insurance and transactional services experience so we are very familiar with complex data challenges on enterprise and operational level.

We have vast experience in the end-end data process from raw data to actionable insights.

We provide our data engineering, business intelligence and advanced analytics services globally through our managed services solutions.

Enterprise Data Management

Artificial Intelligence

Analytics & Reporting

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Company

Our quality controlled engagement process is unique and ensures we control the process within our implementations. We follow the CRISP-DM process which ensures we do not omit any important questions or checks across the implementation process of our data, AI and analytics solutions.

We are a based in South Africa and provide a global managed services solution to all our customers.

As a Gold Qlik and Gold Microsoft Data Platform and Analytics partner we have over the years implemented thousands of data to insights applications for our customers.

Modernising Management has proven themselves to be a very good partner to the business for all things Qlik, they have a very competent team providing services and support on every level. Modernising Management has expert knowledge of all Qlik products and best practise implementation methods.

Bernard Barnard

Head: Data Services - Enterprise BI Qlik| Standard Bank of SA Ltd, Standard Bank of SA Ltd

Modernising Management has been providing Qlik and Qlik related products and services on an enterprise level to BankServAfrica Limited for 4+ years. Modernising Management has implemented many of Qlik business intelligence solutions within the business.

Philip Minnaar

Senior Manager - Analytics Information Services, BankServAfrica